NEOCIDE wound irrigation solution

containing the antiseptic compound octenidine,
allowing multiple application methods

cleans acute and chronic wounds
moisturizes chronic wounds
preserves and moistens bandages and dressings
softens dried bandages and dressings

The wound irrigation solution mechanically removes secretion, biofilm, necrotic tissue, and other toxins present on the wound surface. This decontamination and reduction of the microbiome accelerates wound healing. It also improves blood supply to the wound bed and helps create granulation and epithelization tissue.

A medical device covered by a voucher

Excellent biocompability
and functional inovations simplifie
the work of healthcare professionals

Flexible application

Neocide’s fixed valve ensures an intensive flow of the solution. Luer-Luck adapter enables the user to connect the valve with a needle allowing for a reduced flow or with a syringe the user needs to fill with the solution.

Demonstration of various application methods
Play video (50 seconds)
Application using the fixed valve for intensive flow.
Connect the needle through the Luer-Luck adapter to reduce and control the solution flow.
Difficult application is facilitated by an external syringe easily fillable with the solution.
A needle and a Luer-Lock adapter are parts of the product package.

Excellent biocompatibility

The presence of ethylhexylglycerin potentiates the antimicrobial effects of octenidine. That makes octenidine highly effective even in low concentrations.

Octenidine is active against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasmata, and fungi. The effective concentration needed for an antiseptic result is reached within a minute since application and is substantially lower compared to polyhexanide and chlorhexidine.
Kramer, A et al., 2008, ed. Kramer A., Assadian O., Octenidine, Chlorhexidine, Iodine and Iodophores, Thieme Verlag
Neocide Neocide

Low risk of contamination

To prevent contamination simply use a new needle after a direct contact with the wound. Antibacterial agent contained within the solution acts as a barrier which prevents contamination between the wound and its surroundings, medical staff included.

effectively cleanses and removes biofilm
moistens and supports wound healing
simpler treatment of hard-to-reach wounds
suitable for children and pregnant and nursing woman
does not burn, irritate, stain
suitable for long-term use
well tolerated
medical device covered by a voucher

Water for injections, glycerol, ethylhexylglycerin, octenidine HCL, sodium hydroxide.


class IIb medical device,

solution for wound irrigation containing an antibacterial ingredient


500 ml

Package includes a transparent sac encased in a paper holder and a small pack with accessories. One Luer Lock adapter, a sterile plastic needle, and instructions for use are contained within the accessory pack.


18 months


8 weeks

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containing the antimicrobial ingredient octenidine

Neocide spray

50 ml, dermal solution

A solution containing Octenidine a gentle antimicrobial component used to cleanse the skin. Effectively prevents microbial reproduction.

  • does not burn or stain
  • fast acting effect
  • excellent compatibility
  • spray application means it can be used without touching the skin
  • broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy
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Neocide gel

50 ml, mouth gel

Antimicrobial gel designed for oral hygiene with a wide range of effects.

  • does not burn, does not colour, no alcohol
  • very popular
  • suitable for long-term usage
  • pleasant orange taste
  • fast acting
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Neocide washing gel

200 ml, liquid soap

Antimicrobial liquid soap for washing the entire body, including external intimate hygiene.

  • effective against viruses, bacteria
  • does not irritate - does not contain perfumes, soap or dyes
  • does not contain alcohol, chlorine - does not dry out the skin
  • excellent compatibility
  • suitable for children from birth
  • fast-acting effect
  • easy to spread on and wash off
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